Ten Random Fun Facts About the Author

1. I love lists. I make them, and lose them, ALL the time.

2. I have a 'thing' for office and school/art supplies; like when I see rainbow rows of multi-coloured binders, pencils, paper, jars of paint or new crayons... ohhhhh, so happy.

3. I have a secret confession: while growing up, other girls wanted to 'be' Farrah Fawcett in our weekly role-playing of Charlie's Angels. NOT me! I secretly wanted to play any number of amazing spy-ish type characters like...say...maybe...James Bond (okay, I might still have a 'thing' for spy movies; and, yes, I was a self-proclaimed 'tomboy' -a term used for girls who 'played like a boy' in those 'olden days'- but I also loved playing with barbies and dolls as much as jumping in puddles and running wild through the forests). 

4. Movies. Food. Two of my favourite pastimes. I'm a cinephile and a foodie, at heart.  First movie I recall seeing without counting anything Disney, was a Bruce Lee flick with my brother (who actually had his driver's license-COOL!). We bounced out of the cinema karate chopping every lamp-post in sight.  

5. My first published piece was a four line story about a rabbit, and rabbit's birthday, placed in the R.H. Cornish school yearbook by some sorry act of kindness. Seeing that story in print was the first time I decided I would 'one day' become a writer. I was 5 or 6 at the time. So it's all their fault!

6. While I used to make a living as a registered nurse working in cardiac and thoracic surgery (yah, you know, stuff like heart attacks and heart/ lung surgeries), anything, and I mean ANYTHING, to do with the eyes or human eye care gives me a serious case of the heebie-jeebies. GROSS! YUCK!

7. When I was thirteen+ I occasionally baby-sat four beautiful, fun, intelligent and sweet little girls. It was then that I decided I wanted to have four -or maybe five- children some day. Thankfully my then-future-spouse agreed.  

8. It was me who dropped the gerbil in Mrs. Bramham's kindergarten classroom. I apologize for his accidental death, really, but he bit me and... I'm so, so sorry.

9. Looks can be deceiving. I sometimes get a pretty serious case of what you might call 'performance anxiety' any time I know I'll have to stand up and say something in front of a public crowd. So, outwardly you might see me all smilin' and speakin' (and sometimes even being coherent), while inside...mashed potatoes. 

10.  If I could be anything, anything at all in this whole wide great big crazy mixed-up world, I'd be... a mom. Tah-dah! Yay for me cause that's what I am, and whoaaaaaahhhh is it amazing. But if I could be any other thing which I am NOT, I'd be... a cellist in a real orchestra, or the mayor of my hometown, or... a teeny tiny bistro owner! Or perhaps all three at the same time? There's an idea...

Bonus fact:

11.  I didn't learn Spanish until I was twenty-six. Learning a new language in a new culture opened up my mind in more ways than I could have ever imagined. Try it! You'll see. Oh, and I 'taught myself' how to speak it (immersed in a Spanish-speaking environment, of course) mostly by watching Spanish Soap Operas, which was later denominated, "The Telenovela Method", and it works!