" I.R.I.S. was action-packed, age-appropriate, catching, interesting, and made me anxious to read more. I felt a sense of wonder the whole time. I'd definitely buy this book." Ryan, age 13.

"Hooked from the first page with great unfolding of conflicts, I.R.I.S. was an original story with characters whose attributes were constantly being revealed. I recommend it." Thomas B, age 16.

"Intriguing and action-filled, I.R.I.S. makes you wonder and it's a really good story." Ethan A, age 12.

"IRIS was fast-paced, interesting, thrilling and suspenseful. The ending tied everything together. Nice Touch!" L.D. 

"Exciting, thrilling, rousing, mystifying and cryptic! Mysterious right off the bat! I LOVED this book!" Cheryl B.